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Building a Cup Winner

Quite simply it happens by accepting change, by finding the players that you value more than the other General Managers.

It happens by admitting that you may have made a mistake, and recovering from it.

Today we have learned that Hanauer might be looking at dealing of talent, and possibly draft picks. Hopefully you didn't get attached to Khano Smith. The fact is that the club has a great set of midfielders and decent forwards, but really needs some help in defense. If Wingert is available, I might be persuaded to deal off the #1 for Chris and RSL's lower round pick. If Khano Smith with a 3rd &/or 4th round pick gets allocation money I would do that in a heart beat.

And while I'm excited by Zakauni, the fact is with Jaqua and LeToux Seattle isn't desperate for goalscoring help despite what Davis says. Needy, yes, but this is a deep forward class and the #2 pick might help that a bit, but Seattle wants to compete for a Cup or Shield sooner, not in five years.

Allocation dollars are the #1 value in this fairly strict cap league, as that's the best way to acquire good talent now. Morientes isn't likely the best answer, but he and other Euro talents, are only available with HUGE allocation dollars. I'd prefer Montero and Jaqua up top myself.

I watched the first episode of the Super Search, and while the talent wasn't great. It left me inspired for the future. Because we have a top-level professional team in Seattle. You can watch the Spokan stop here.

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