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New Player in Camp Friday

Come Friday the offense will get another spark, as Mike Fucito M/F out of Harvard and #46 pick in the draft will join the team. Mike has been recovering from a hamstring injury that saw his stock in the draft shoot down from where a 2nd team All American is typically drafted (top 20ish).

I caught up with Mike via email today, considering what Jose Romero said in his roster overview;

M Michael Fucito (injured) --Could finally join the the team this week or next; needs to show something in Argentina.

Having talked to Mike in the past I decided why not ask the source.

Dave Clark: The Seattle Times is saying that you will be joining the team "this week or next." How's the rehab going? Are you training fit, or even match fit yet?

The rehab is going well. I think I am right on track. I have been working hard and feel I am getting stronger and fitter every day. I am going to try to be as fit as possible when I join the team, but the only way to truly get fit is to be playing and competing at that high level every day.

I am scheduled to join up with the team on Friday. I am very excited about seeing Seattle for the first time and getting the opportunity to go down to Argentina with the team. I am really looking forward to meeting the coaching staff and the team. I have been following their progress from a far now for a couple weeks, so it will be nice to actually be there with them.

Dave Clark: What does your class load look like this Spring, and I never asked your Concentration and degree at Harvard.

My major at school is Psychology. As of now, I have completed all of my requirements for graduating in my concentration. I have 4 classes remaining to get enough credits to graduate, all of which are electives.

That second question was really more as a follow up to my previous interview as I missed what is a rather obvious question regarding a Senior at Harvard.

While the play in the attacking positions has been stellar so far, Fucito would provide some cover on the left flank, as well as a striker, possibly freeing up some of that depth to acquire defensive help.

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