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Mike Fucito not just a Harvard student

If you listened to my radio interview with Jason Churchill you found out that a particular player who has yet to be with the club was listed as maybe joining Sounders FC down in Oxnard. Well, it seems like that is still a week from happening, at least according to Mike Fucito Harvard student and future professional soccer player.

I just got off the phone with Mike and will share that interview here.

Dave Clark: I noticed that with Harvard you played a kind of Center Forward, is that where you see your role at the next level?

Mike Fucito: When I first got here at Harvard I played on the left side as I'm a natural left footer. It was only later that I was paired with Andre up top. We seemed to compliment each other well, and I was there to fill the needs of the team. At the next level I will probably be back on the wing. I don't really have the size of the typical target forward and I like the ball at my feet running at guys.

*editorial note, Mike doesn't hyperlink in conversation. Andre had 10 goals and 6 assists in 18 games all starts. Mike had 9 goals and 5 assists in 16 games, 12 starts.

DC: I notice that Sigi and Adrian drafted all guys that play on the wing, either in attack or defense.

Mike: Yes, we are all pretty versatile. I notice Steve said he could play up top, and I think that as well, but see myself more likely on the right or left sides.

DC: Coach Clark said that you were thinking about joining the team in California to continue your rehab. Is that going to happen?

Mike: We've been back and forth on joining the team, but I think it will be at least a week as things are going well with my recovery here.

DC: There's talk that maybe being drafted in a lower round that you haven't joined the team yet might be because you are at Harvard.

Mike: That's been a question for a while. I could have gone to a bigger athletic school, but I chose Harvard so I could have the best of both worlds - a top education and athletics. I see myself being a professional soccer player, but its a good education and I'm so close so I'm going to try and finish. But my goal is to play professionally. I always wanted to be a professional soccer player.

DC: Do you follow a particular team?

Mike: I grew up watching the English Premier League, but I'm very happy to see MLS continue to grow.

DC: So a league not a favorite team?

Mike: Well, I tended to follow players. I'm a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, so I watch more of their games, but if I had to ask about a team I would start with Chelsea and starting listing maybe a dozen or so teams.

DC: Do you get to many New England Revolution games? There are some parallels between the Sounders and Revolution as both have ownership partnerships with NFL teams, and share the stadium, but Seattle already has nearly 19,000 season tickets sold.

Mike: I played for Paul Mariner with the Bolts and have some friends on the team so I have been to a few games each year ... I've never been to Seattle but from the time that of the draft until now my excitement has grown. To have almost 20,000 season tickets sold, that's every players dream. To play in front of a large crowd against the best teams. I can't wait.

DC: Outside of soccer and your classes, what do you do with your other 7 or so minutes of free time in a day?

Mike: Well I live with 10 other guys so its always pretty active. Most of them are hockey players, but we play lots of video games. If I have a Sunday free or another off day though I would be at the golf course.

DC: Are you giving me leading answers? Did you read the Zakuani interview? What's the favorite video game?

Mike: Call of Duty. We set up a divider on a big TV and play 2 v 2 quite a bit. It can get pretty loud in here as we are all into it. That and FIFA is pretty popular.

DC: Is FIFA due to you? You said they were mainly hockey guys.

Mike: No, that's them. I wasn't very good at first. Its fun to see them get into the sport. They know most of the teams in Europe and all of the top players.

DC: And maybe in the 2010 version they will get to see you wear the Rave Green of Sounders FC?

Mike: Yeah, that would be pretty cool.

I would like to thank Mike Fucito and Coach Clark of the Harvard Men's Soccer team for their time today and over the past few weeks. Mike's partner up top chose to stay at Harvard for his senior year where Andre will be the team Captain replacing Mike. In my post draft story at Prost Amerika you may remember that Coach Clark had glowing praise for Mike.

I also told Mike that there are rumors that Chelsea and Barcelona will be playing here in Seattle and he just responded with a jaw dropping "Wow, that would be. That would be just amazing."

Mike, here's one fan and blogger that is hoping to see you on the pitch in Rave Green facing the Chelsea Blue.

Update: To be more clear. Mike Fucito is still recovering from a hamstring issue that hampered him during the end of the season, and that was his reason for not attending the MLS Draft Combine despite being invited. His #1 goal as stated to me was to recover from said injury so he could accomplish his dream of being a professional soccer player. He will also attempt to complete a Harvard education as he is very close to being done. But again, his emphasis is on a desire to play professional soccer.

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