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Tickets to Sounders FC to Chelsea

There was a rather big announcement that season ticket-holders get to see Chelsea for a very reasonable price, of basically the price of their standard season ticket. That's huge. This also means that the best seats in the stadium will be for fans of Seattle Sounders FC and Major League Soccer. Qwest will not be full of ex-pats and glory hounds, but people rooting for the Rave Green against the Chelski Blue.

Do you want to be in that lower bowl for that game? Are you going to see more than 8 home games? The fact is that you should get season tickets. It will save you money, and it will get you close to the action.

I talked to my ticket rep today to ask about season ticket sales, and he confirms that they are very close to 20,000 season tickets and equivalents sold. If you look at the ticket map, there are almost none of the best seats available. Seriously. 75$ per match seats are gone. 8 sections of the 39$ seats are at 90%+.

And the cheap seats, the 16$ ones?

Less than 300 are left. Whether you want to be in General Admission with the ECS, or down in the South End for one of the best deals in pro-sports, there are less than 300 seats with an 18 game package that features Seattle Sounders FC in 15 regular season games, 1 against Chelsea FC and two other "bonus" games.

Act now, or you will miss out.

You can call Steve Lund at 425-203-8132 for tickets, or you can use a scalper later in the summer while the Griffey lead Mariners are challenging for the top draft pick in the 2010 draft while we are watching an expansion team head for the playoffs.

My own section the well valued 214 is now 85% full. One month before the season starts and the team is running out of seats.

I have mine, go get yours.

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