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First of Sounder At Heart Match Statistics - Updated *2

I'm tracking some slightly different things than you can find in the box score, or play by play. Some of these will look unorthodox, and will take time to explain, and so the comments may need time. There will shortly be a menu bar where you can find all of this data, and it will be kept as a running total for regular season matches. Depending on the response I hope to maintain this for each season, MLS Cup Playoffs and US Open Cup. Maybe next year we get to add on the SuperLiga or CONCACAF Champions league.

I will not track this for friendlies or reserve match.

Goals and Assists are the official league numbers.

Team Goals per 90 and Team Shots on Goal per 90 are built using ratio for minutes played and the success of the team in both areas. This is done in order to account for offense being both an individual and a team accomplishment.

Plus/Minus indicates goals scored minus goals against while a player is on the pitch. Again a team based stat, that over time should indicate offensive success of a player beyond their personal numbers.

Man of Match, yeah, that. Currently I am using the one announced by the team, but I may adjust that in the future.


Again the table should sort, and in a bit I will have the defensive version up as well. Now with Defense as well.


Starts/Subs should make sense

% Minutes Played will use the baseline 90 (or for Extra Time matches 120)

Cards Y=Yellow and R=Red

Clean Sheets - I want to credit the team defense for this and not just the keeper.

Team Goals Against per 90 and Team Shots on Goal Against per 90 are similar to the offensive stats. In this case I think both numbers are important, as any player can effect those numbers based on their performance on the pitch.


% Played is from above

App.=Appearence, whether start or sub

Pts Earned in Appearence, are total points earned by the team in any appearence by the player

Effeciency is total pts earned times playing time.

Questions and comments are appreciated more than usual. Over time we may be able to see a player who doesn't get glamor statistics, but has a team consistently perform better while he is on the field than when he is off of it.

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