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Initial MLSPA Salary Review

So the first of the many releases of salary data for MLS players just came out, and it contains some intriguing data. While MLS hasn't announced what the salary cap is, we have learned that the minimum salary went up 3%, and that Developmental Salaries are up to a better 20,100 than last season's split 12,500/17,700.

20,000 is livable at 22. Not well, and not in the larger MLS markets, but it is thousands over last season. That's a positive for the league. The cap is probably only 2.4 Million based on these numbers. It isn't a lot, but again, a 3% increase is decent these days. The fixed costs are part of why MLS expansion is so enticing for ownership groups around North America.

We also learn some interesting data about Seattle Sounders FC.

21 players are on the list, which means the Montero/Hurtado visa drama is likely come to a conclusion in favor of the Rave Green. Also, it shouldn't be any surprise that Jarrod Smith is on the Disabled List and will miss at least 6 matches. Evan Brown, the second round draftee, does have a Senior slot.

This seems nearly certain to be the Senior Roster, with ONLY one or two possible additions. First with Zakuani only counting against the Developmental Roster Roger Levesque seems likely to make the squad. Vagenes could still wind up on the DL which would help the chances of Zach Scott.

There are still three developmental slots up in the air. After the time in Argentina, the Pacific Northwest and California the three players that remain on roster who have gotten the most of that time are Mike Fucito, Jared Karkas and Jeff Clark (no relation). This situation is still basically unchanged from last week.

Mike scored in Argentina. Karkas can play either wingback, but is better on the left side. Clark has scored in multiple games. They all seem a good fit. Hopefully the three DevP like each other, because at least for 60k you can get a decent house in South King (Renton or Tukwila).

So while the city of Seattle is getting scarfed, it is likely that Sounders FC is signing those three players.

Here are the SSFC averages per position
Roster Structure # Total Dollars Average
Forwards 3 $400,921.00 $133,640.33
Midfielders 8 $1,924,900.00 $240,612.50
Defenders 8 $599,533.00 $74,941.63
Keepers 2 $345,500.00 $172,750.00
Grand Total 21 $3,270,854.00 $155,754.95

Ljungberg is the large sum in the midfield, but like almost all MLS teams the Forwards get the cash. Hanauer saved money in the Forwards though and spent it on a Keeper, but we don't know how the allocation cash figures in, but it looks like Sounders could sign 1 more player at 50k and still be under the cap even if all of Keller's cash counts against the cap.

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