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Reserve game features THREE starters?

In today's Reserve Match against Concordia future starter Freddie Ljungberg played 35 minutes. Joining him as likely regular starters Steve Zakuani and Jeff Parke. Yes, THAT Jeff Parke.

Gaschk's Blog has full details.

Earlier today I caught up via email with Steve Zakuani about last night.

I was wondering what you thought about the atmosphere at Qwest last night?

It was by far the best atmosphere I've ever seen in a stadium, whether it's playing or watching. It was unreal. And a lot of the guys felt that way too.

How do you think that Field Turf played?

The turf held up fine, it played really fast, probably because it rained a bit.

Did you have a favorite personal moment for the game?

My favorite moment is probably when I came on because it was my pro debut and it's a moment I'll never forget. And also hearing that final whistle, it was a great night all round!

And if you are a Steve Zakuani fan, he writes for Soccernet. Here's his latest from the day before the match.

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