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Seba on Match Day One

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Sebastien Le Toux responded to an email where I asked him about his experience on Match Day One.

Dave Clark: I was wondering what you thought about the atmosphere at Qwest last night?

Seba: "the atmosphere was amazing, i was not expecting that. To see everybody with a scarf and singing together it give to me my heart beat quicker, it was a great sensation. So thanks to all the fans."

DC: How do you think that Field Turf played?

Seba: The turf field at Qwest is pretty good and the ball go quick on it, so it doesn't bother the game so much for me.

DC: Did you have a favorite personal moment for the game?

I have lots of good moments during the game but one of my favorite is when we came on the field with the referee, it was amazing.

Seba is a native of France, but has truly become a Sounder. He lives his life here, has chosen to play here now in his third year. When I think of a man who is a Sounder at Heart, not just in sport by life, I think of someone who has adopted our region as his home. Le Toux is that man.