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Site News; a meta thread

So you may have noticed that both the schedule page and roster pages up top have gotten some serious and needed updates today. That's just part of what is going to be happening over the next two weeks though.

In light of some personal issues I have to cut back on posting a bit, and so have asked Greg Roth to post once or twice a week. Most of my readers know him as a poster around the net as gregro, but lately he's launched a Twitter and Facebook group that pretty much rock. That should start up shortly.

Also, I'm going to start tweaking some of the look, including a new badge for the site.


If things work out right I will be on with Dick Fain next Saturday for a segment to talk Sounders FC. I'm supposed to remind him on Thursday, and with the Husky men's basketball team being pretty damn good things on Saturday might be in flux.

Lastly, you may see me providing some more depth on certain things than you have found in the upcoming issue of Soccer Seattle, the Sounders Gameday magazine/program brought to you by the same people who do the Grand Salami that covers the Mariners. In the first issue you will see fine writing by Steve Clare (also of Prost Amerika!) and David Falk (also of GoalSeattle). I'm not going to give away all the great stuff we have in it, but over the next month I will roll out further depth than the condensed format there allowed us to do.

OK, that wasn't last, remember way back when I launched I sometimes covered Life in the Sound? Well, I'm going to bring on two people to write just once a month on things like beer, wine, dining and travel. I might also do a bit on my own, but still only about 15% of the content here will be non-soccer.

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