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Wear the Rave Green. Wear the Blue. Wear your pin, and speak with pride.

Today, our fair city, our great region reenters the top flight of US soccer. Today, an energy drink company will wind up tired and frustrated. Today, there is a new beginning.

One of my group is bringing a radio so we might be able to hear Kevin Calabro, it is a brilliant idea, though a part of me hopes that the ECS inspires the crowd to overwhelm his tiny radio.

Today, the Huskies and Bulldogs look to advance. Don't ignore these events, just remind your coworkers, friends, and fellow students that March Madness is annual, and there will never be another First Kick in MLS. Watch those games while getting ready for the match, and then encourage your mates to watch/listen to the Sounders match. There are ratings points to be earned.

If the Upper Bowl should have been opened, than the TV Ratings should be amazing tonight, even going up against the Tourney.

Today, the quest for a Cup starts again. Today, New York turns Rave Green with envy. Today, MLS joins Seattle's league.

Match analysis will be up mid-day tomorrow, and will be something you've never seen before concerning US soccer. But TODAY is about the theater, today is about an event as much as about a game.

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