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MD 5 - Player Ratings link, quick thoughts

Prost Amerika asked me to do the player ratings again, and so I did. Some may find them a bit harsh, but these are my thoughts, and so here I am to defend them as necessary.

I will have my match analysis up late tonight or early tomorrow after I rewatch the game, but if you read those ratings you can likely figure out what I think the keys were. Quick version will be a refocus on my pre-match statistic concerning the Shots on Goal numbers for Sounders opponents, the starting lineup/formations and lastly the physical defensive posture that MLS is taking vs the Freddyain (two Freddies in Arabic). I may also write a bit about the quality of the pitch, not as an excuse.

Oh, and I wound up making an error in how I structured my statistics spreadsheet, which made it impossible to maintain. I am going to rebuild it so that it can be maintained over a 30 match season. I hope to have this done by Tuesday so that they can be referenced in the upcoming preview.