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Regular Major Media Coverage of Sounders FC

A few soccer fans have asked me if I think that Sounders FC and MLS are getting enough coverage in the Seattle market. They point out the 30,000 or so crowd, the good TV ratings for games so far and the general excitement they notice on the streets.

But, maybe the problem isn't the media. Maybe it is us. Maybe we are so used to being ignored we are ignoring the attention that the team receives.

Sounders are being treated as a major sport in this town. Accept that, but continue to build the fan base. Watch the games with non-soccer fans, for they are the future. There are still 30,000+ seats available for every match.

    Regular TV

Sounders FC Weekly on KONG 6/16 every Sunday at 10:30pm.
Every single game - seriously, this is still huge. Also FSN is doing replays on the night of the match for those not in the KING/KONG viewing area or those that went to the game that don't have a DVR

KJR-AM Seattle
Every Tuesday Gas has a player on at 6PM
Every Wednesday Softy has Jose Romero on at 12:20
Every Friday Groz with Gas has Matt Gaschk on at 4:20
Every home game (except during Husky conflicts) they have The First 90 pregame show
There are also scattered interviews with media/players throughout the week (look for me with Dick Fain on his Sat show)

710 ESPN/97.3 KIRO-FM
Every Saturday at 8:30a a weekly magazine show with Matt Johnson (VSE, but also former producer at KJR)
Gameday simulcast of Calabro on 97.3 with pre-game and half hosted by Johnson
Scattered player/coach interviews, but less frequent (I have contacted them about being on the air, and have been ignored)

But the real key if you want more coverage of the sport on the radio or tv is not to call in and complain, but to help move the needle. The sport needs better ratings on TV/Radio, it needs better attendance outside of Seattle and Toronto. If that happens the money will attract the coverage.

Right now though, while Sounders seem like a major sport here in Seattle, the league is not. You, the FAN and SUPPORTER, need to show producers and editors that their organizations can make more money by talking soccer than not.

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