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Seriously, Qwest needs better beer options

After four home matches, I can truly see that my efforts to get on the Alliance Council need to be redoubled. Because Sounders FC is allowing MLS and the league's business relationships to dictate the beer choices, and yet they could be so much better.

Just because Budweiser is the "official beer" of MLS does not mean that only Budweiser products must be served. Currently the only options i have discovered in the South East corner of the stadium are Bud, Bud's American Ale, Coor's Light and Tecate. Sure American Ale is probably the best beer produced by a major manufacturer, finally approaching the level of the mid-majors (think Sam Adams, Red Hook, Pyramid for size), and is a decent option. But don't claim that it is premium. $8.50 for 16 oz of a beer at that quality limits profitability.

American Ale by Budweiser should be in the stadium, as should the other options currently there, but Seattle is a diverse place, with diverse tastes and actually pretty good tasted. I have made the case in the past, and sadly need to do so again.

Qwest needs better beer.

Here's a reminder of what Qwest could have rather than just Coor's Light, Tecate and official Bud products.

Stella Artois
Red Hook

Those aren't the only options, but they seem to be the ones that should be in a soccer stadium in the Pacific Northwest. They would connect with our community's unique character. Because currently the beer options are treating Seattle soccer fans as if we are exactly the same as fans in Kansas City, or DC or New England. We are different, and the league and team should use the diversity of InBev's holdings to recognize the diversity of the regions that follow the sport here in the USA and Canada.

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