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Thoughts on the match - Sounders FC vs. Toronto FC

(From time to time I will be adding to this space with Dave. My name is Doug and I am a member of 214 with Dave and the crew. )

I am just going to come out and say it; I was worried, this had nothing to do with the "Montero situation". It had to do with that part of me that does not want to see the bubble burst. This is not to say that I did or do not have faith, but let’s be real, I am a Seattle sports fan.
Having said that and gotten it off my chest. This win was sweet……last week was sweet don’t get me wrong but this week was sweet, something to be savored.

Sitting with the other members of 214 and minus one yet plus two old friends and 214jr rocking his new scarf. It was a good day. Note to self, call Rupert Murdoch and tell him to pony up for some HD cameras….not for nothing, I would think he could get a deal in bulk or something.

Osvaldo Alonso – my man was strong in the middle, one of those guys who hold’s things together

Nate Jaqua - proved a lot to me today, took a chance to pick up the slack and went far beyond what I could have hoped for. A strong presence up front who took it to the guys in red.

Freddie Ljungberg – proved why he is here and why he will be legend in not only Sounders FC history but MLS

Steven Zakuani – to speak of legend…..what can I say, we are witness to the beginning of something truly special.

It was a great day for soccer and a great day to be a Sounder. Dave and I had a few talks after about the Toronto fans vacating the stands before the match was over. I cannot speak to what they were thinking I can only say I will be one of the last to leave the stands no matter the outcome. This is not a statement on the Toronto fans who have helped to redefine the way that supporters in the MLS are seen, much respect to them and there team. This is about the joy I derive from being there with my mates and with the crowd and to have the privilege to watch the boys on the pitch. I know when that day comes it will be conflicting for some but we can distinguish ourselves be not letting up, by staying and supporting our team, that is our job. To stand and be heard no matter the point on the board. That day that will come when we are down in the late minutes of the match, when it is cold and raining and you want to hang your head. Show something more; show the league and the world what our team means to us.

I will be there in section 214, you can come stand with me.

(Steps off soap box)

Thank you for your time

Namaste :;:

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