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Incoming! Dave's Weekly plan

Ok, with this thing called life, as well as the blogging at night after work, I'll let you in on the plan for the week.

Step one I'm going to rewatch the match. Everyone that reads this blog expects it, but I'll let you know exactly which issues I'm looking at in my little magnifying glass.

1 - Jaqua being pulled down
2 - Donovan the pusher
3 - Zakuani talking the referee into a yellow
4 - the Scrum

It is important to know that when complaining about refereeing, gameday from the stands will never give you an accurate judgement of the accuracy. Do like MLS does, and watch it again. Hopefully I can beat the league to the review of the match.

Also upcoming this week

will be a piece I will call "Life without Riley." Some have thought that my ratings for Riley have been too high, but this week (and maybe the next, he did hit a guy) we will find out how Evan Brown or Nate Sturgis play at the right back. With Evans at Right Center Defensive Back, the Right Fullback must be a player that can get forward and attack from the wing with effective crosses. So far we've only seen Riley do that.

I intend to get in touch with a writer or two that covers FC Dallas for a snapshot of what is going on with a club that can only be described as failing. There are issues with advertising, as well as a poor record.

There are a few longer term projects in my head right now as well.

Finding the Free
MLS TV Ratings
Why isn't there a live postgame show?

Lastly, getting on the Alliance Council. I have 19 votes right now. I'm close. Thank you everyone for your support.

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