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No Riley, No Sturgis, No Ljungberg, No Eylander

Sometimes all the best data you can get is rendered irrelevant. Guessing at the starting 18 and 11 is now purely guessing. Three starters are out, the back up keeper is on the IR and there is still the Montero/Seba situation. The DP has a significant migraine and did not travel.

Sigi gets a chance to get truly creative.

Evans almost certainly will be back in his role as the box-to-box CM. Zach Scott is almost certainly at LB.

But the RB and RM will be up in the air, and who knows what direction Sigi goes for the Withdrawn forward.

This is major shakeup time, at least it is for a road game against Dallas. I emailed Buzz Carrick to ask him about the state of FC Dallas, and here are his responses. Buzz is the head of and their preview can be read here.

Dave Clark: I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on two or three key matchups that are likely to result in one team or the other picking up points this weekend.

Buzz Carrick: I'm not sure if there is a specific match up that needs mentioning from a FCD perspective. Their problems are much more fundamental than that. Until they get the defense to stop giving up soft goals, until they stop the second half bleeding, and until they can maintain better possession...simple things like tactical match ups don't matter.

Obviously the return, or not, of Pablo Ricchetti to midfield will be a large part of how well FCD might play.

DC: Also, you have raved on your blog about the Sounders marketing engine, and recently FC Dallas has made a few changes. Is the front office down there learning or still stumbling?

Buzz: As for the franchise, I do like the things that are starting to happen herewith the new head of Marketing and PR. But there are still too many things going wrong on a ownership and management level for me to be really excited about the state of the business side.

It is notable that today Dallas is promoting Seattle's minority owner with a giveaway, and that they may not need their 10,000 thick rimmed glasses. Buzz just did a review of Hunt Sports Group's performance as owners of FC Dallas.

I will be doing the Player Reviews for Prost Amerika this week.

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