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What's the point in a tie? - updated

Well, simply it is one point on the table.

My guest ratings are up at Prost Amerika. They may cause a little controversy for a 2-2 draw. My recommendations for Man of the Match would be Riley, Jaqua, Montero and Keller. All four were key to getting the road point.

Sounders currently with an 84.9% chance at playoffs. Only 6% currently for the Supporter's Shelled, but with a rematch hosting Colorado in for a slot in the US Open Cup the Qwest for silverware continues.

How would you have rated Sturgis' performance if a 5 is an average performance by an average MLS player (probably starts 15-20 subs in 5-10). So a 6 would be an average regular starter on an average team.

There was one notable event this weekend. For the first time Kasey Keller faced more shots on goal than his opponent averages in other matches. The Rapids are normally at 4.375 and yet Keller faced 6 last night. Not a huge difference, but still that's almost two more shots to face.

And for those that think that Montero dives a little too much, here's an interesting stat - Montero is 4th on the league table for Fouls Suffered with 23 in 8 matches. If it was a rate stat he'd be first amongst all regular players and it isn't even close. Javier Morales gets fouled nearly 3 times a game, and Fredy Montero nearly 4.

So while the tumbling and whining looks pathetic, he is getting hit. But Sounders MUST find a way to turn those into goals. Either from a better kick tacker, or adding another 6'+ target.

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