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Will Platini get his way with the EPL?

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Sure, this is a bit of a detour, from the regularly schedule programming, but we are waiting to see the extent of Brad Evans injury, and I've got a few messages out to the greater North American soccer community concerning the role of the target forward, so I thought I would dive into a subject that was quiet, even in England.

As Michael Platini originally suggested, the Premiership is now considering having a roster cap/quota. Not on salaries but the number of players. Blame Liverpool and the Anfield 62, but likely you can also blame Arsenal with their 59, Manchester United with 51 and Chelsea at a mere 46.

League rules could be dramatically redrawn early next month, with a new limit on the size of squads for a -season – perhaps as low as 25 players, but more likely around 30. If the new rule is agreed, clubs would have to stick with those players regardless of injuries and suspensions until, at least, the January transfer window.

The suggestion is quite simple,

but capping the number of players, overall league depth, and the depth of the Championship, and maybe overall Europe increases. Considering that the 25th player doesn't appear for more five matches even for a club that is in a half-dozen competitions (ManU) the impact on the major clubs would really be to prevent them from stockpiling talent while taking on further debt.

Even if the cut-off is 30 players that would still leave roughly 200 EPL players without EPL jobs, what would that impact be?

I asked the man behind The Arsenal Column his thoughts on this potential change.

This seems just another scheme from the higher authorities to try and level the playing fields a bit more. It's good as it stops clubs stockpiling on young players and it means those that do not make it can have a chance earlier on somewhere else (this could also be a bad thing for some players).

For Arsenal, we have a surplus of great talent coming through, it may be a shame that some don't get to play for Arsenal and are forced to leave when with the old rules they could have greater time to get in.

They're looking at implementing in 2011 but it means England will be at a handicap if it is not implemented elsewhere.

That's the key really. Can Platini use capitulation in England to force changes in the other leagues? If so what effect would that have down the food chain. AC continues.

Regarding the world leagues; it certainly makes everything a bit more competitive especially if it is implemented in all of Europe. The South Americans have lost a lot of players and maybe they have more chance to retain them for a bit longer at least. The MLS first needs to improve the quality first before it attracts former EPL players. A South American full back forward left for the MLS I remember (name is something like Montero) and he was meant to be a good talent. Maybe it is a sign of things to come.

The effect will probably be more transfers at cut prices but what if a player fails to find a team? They wouldn't want to remain while not playing any games if he is not registered.

For MLS fans, it would really be a trickle down, as the 31st man for the EPL, becomes the 20th man in the Championship and the 31st man in the Championship joins League One, does that mean that MLS is of more interest to the League One or Championship considering that lower level championship clubs are in the salary range of MLS clubs?

There can be plenty of speculation, and it won't happen until the start of Summer window after this, but then the search for the Free in an MLS with 18-20 teams will be intent.

Unless what Steve Clare says will happen, happens

This won't happen. The players union will prevent mass unemployment among their members.

Should UEFA leagues limit the size of rosters for their teams?

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