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Do Sounders FC really have a Set Play problem?

The simple answer is - Probably Not

Sure, they have a missed PK, and only 1 goal from the corner, and another from the rebound. I asked someone with a lot more experience following MLS stats than I about the numbers, and guess what?

Corner Kicks aren't gold in this league. They aren't even silver. Maybe not even bronze.

2% is the typical number.

2008: 2.02%
2007: 2.30%
2006: 2.11%
2005: 2.03%
2004: 1.67%

Thanks to Climbing the Ladder.

Sounders have 55 corners so far, 1 goal. That's 1.8% for those scoring at home. Not awful. Maybe a tad low, but not awful.

The league has had some good keepers in it, and generally they are getting better. Keeping is what the USA does well. Just ask the EPL.

By the way, Freddie has something in common with DeRo and Conor Casey. They are the three players in MLS that have not scored in a PK situation.

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