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Le Toux's Postgame ritual

Having stayed at Qwest in order to watch the USA v Brasil I noticed one of those things that clearly declares that the team one supports is proper and just.

Sebastien Le Toux spent at least 30 minutes signing autographs and posing for pictures, often times even climbing into the stands so that more fans could be in the image. He did this along the Brougham End with several dozen people, staying later than a handler seemed to desire.

I asked Le Toux via email if he could tell me why he feels such a strong connection with the people of Seattle? His response follows

I just stay [to] sign autograph for the fan because since i [came to] Seattle, people are great with the team and me, so it's to thank them for all their support at each game.

And when i was young i wanted to be a professional soccer player and i was a fan too when i was young and wanted have autograph from the professional soccer player in France but it was hard because they just signed a few a left.

So because of that i told myself that if one day i will be a soccer professional soccer player i will take the time to sign the most people i can because i love to do it and see the face of everybody happier after.
Sometimes i have lots of times to do and sometimes its more difficult to stay longer but i try to do my best all the time... and it's the best recovery after the game for me.

When people ask me why I think that soccer has connected in this community so strongly, it is because of people like Seb Le Toux. People who are approachable, who love us and the city, people who remind you every day that though they play a game professional they were once fans too.

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