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US Open Cup @ Portland should be televised!

FSN Sponsors the Alliance right?
FSN NW carries Timbers games right?

Sounders have set MLS records for TV ratings. Timbers are joining MLS. This is a Derby in a stadium that won't hold all of the fans.

Yet, the Open Cup is basically never televised. This is a match that should be on local cable stations. This is a match that could show that the Northwest is and will be the foundation for US soccer for MLS 3.0.

So let's have the Alliance Council, the Advisory Board, the Sounders, the ECS, the Timbers and yes even the TA start working with FSN NW to as soon as possible switch from their Mariners coverage of Seattle @ the New York Yankees (4:05P start) to Sounders @ Timbers.

The ratings will come. Sure it would be a one-off TV match, but it is one that is fully deserving of regional coverage. While PGE may have 15k at it, this is a match that could pass 100k for TV viewers, maybe by far. FSN if you want to be the founding sponsor of the Alliance, it is time to listen to US, the ALLIANCE.

Cross-posted at 's forums and goalseattle's forums. I have also emailed all 9 members of the Alliance Council.

Spread the word.

Democracy in Sports should mean something.

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