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What to do without a Target Forward?

Ok, so Nate Jaqua will not be in Rave Green this weekend. The question is "What will Sigi do?"

No one knows this answer. The move to the 4-2-3-1 could be abandoned with Montero and Le Toux paired at the top and the mids in the bowed DM/Winger formation of the early season. While this has been productive, it would put Seattle in a week relearning an system that they are trying to change.

The choices at Target are limited to two men.

Le Toux and Levesque. We haven't seen much of Roger since his two hat tipping appearances early in the season and so I doubt that is the answer. What we certainly know is that Fredy Montero can't be the back to goal guy.

I guess what I'm getting at is that the question that will be answered this match is "How does Sigi view Seb Le Toux?" Because if the 4-2-3-1 is the future, only Le Toux can be in that role. While Seb gets praise from most for his work rate and his USL success. For me, it is in the numbers I track. He is the 5th most productive player on the squad despite becoming a frequent substitute lately. He is also tied with Marshall and Alonso for number two on the plus/minus. The team and the individual are both functioning well, and for a team that is struggling to have its shots be shots on goal, Le Toux and his old USL success may be the answer.

Am I suggesting that Montero sit, in a match where health and cards make it almost certain that the bench is short? Absolutely not, but still I am not silly enough to suggest that a player that is having a tough time as a Forward stick to the middle of the pitch for the easy double team. Fredy needs space. The Freddyain need space as well.

Yes, I'm back where I was with the 4-1-4-1. Montero should play the Right Wing. I am not a one trick pony. Pony likely, but I know many tricks. But this one still hasn't been tried. Before all you Ljungberg fans get up in arms. He has been fairly excellent at the Right Wing, certainly better than he has at the CAM, but Montero is certainly out of his element in the middle.

Ljungberg though could flip to the Left. He's played that side before, sure just occaisionally, but back in the Arsenal days they had this Henry guy there.

So who is my vision for the CAM, the classic "number 10," quite simply it is the best passer on the club. The best man with the ball at his feet and the one of only two who routinely splits the double. Steve Zakuani. While it may seem odd to move the NCAA scoring success story to a spot not known for scoring, the key to me in a match that is quite nearly must win is to get the most offensively productive bodies on the pitch at a time, and in places where they could succeed.

For me, that is a continuation of the 4-2-3-1.

- - - Le Toux - - -
- - Evans - Alonso
- - - Keller - - -

The offense needs a boost, and while a magical set-play belt isn't available, putting players in positions of success can help. It won't cure the problems the club is facing. There are issues. But finding ways to maximize talent is the key responsibility of coaching.

Seattle Times caught up with Mike Fucito.


Lastly, its going to be a slow week for me.

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