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Australia joins Scotland in using Video Review against Diving

Well fans, you asked for it and you got it. Video review of simulation (diving) is in place.

Problem is that Australia is moving faster than Major League Soccer.

... officials announced they will crack down on those players who are caught "in the act of simulation'' to win penalties or have opponents cautioned or sent off.

Players guilty of diving will be suspended for up to two weeks.


If a player is sent off as a result of an opponent's simulation, he will be able to have his red card rescinded.

The A-League said it becomes only the second competition in the world after the Scottish Premier League to introduce the sanctions.

"The chance of being banned for two games is a pretty strong message,'' A-League chief Archie Fraser told Australian daily the Sydney Morning Herald.

We can't know how effective this control will be, but honestly, in MLS is the problem really too much diving?

In my opinion, if MLS ever adds video review of diving it must enact review of violent conduct as well, with the exact same punishment. That balances it out, giving neither side of the equation an advantage. Post-match is also the right way to do this.

Would you like to see MLS join the SPL and A-League in this endeavour?

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