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Expansion Teams 2nd Half History

First, Small SAMPLE SIZE

Second here's just the Exapansion teams from the great improve/decline post over at Climbing the Ladder

1998 - Chicago - -0.438 PPM
1998 - Miami - +0.668 PPM
2005 - Chivas - +0.375 PPM
2005 - Salt Lake - -0.375 PPM
2007 - Toronto - -0.733 PPM
2008 - San Jose - +0.600
2009 - Seattle - ?

Does this mean that Seattle is in line for a bump? Again, sample size makes this moot.

But on average MLS teams tend to win more points in the second half than the first (fewer ties?) and the previous 6 expansion teams barely did better in the second half. IF Sounders follow either path they would be a 48 point winner this year.

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