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Flags Around the Nest

From a public flikr

From a public flikr

Maybe you've noticed the flags that line the Nest on the North End of Qwest above the NES. Maybe you've wondered "Why those flags?"

You might already know, if your memory is better than my own.

They are the 32 nations in the last World Cup in order of finish, with the one change being our national flag up top.

Personally, I think that they should be the flags of the 47 nations where MLS players originate. MLS is a club league, and so the nations that matter most are the two where clubs operate, and then the ones where the most players call home. This would increase fan identification with the league, if only a little bit.

Another idea for flags would be to borrow from baseball, and have the two Conferences and their standings represented in order of current standing. While this would diminish the attachment to the World's Game, it would increase attachment to the league.

Do any of these three concepts intrigue you?

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