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Give me Fuel, Give me Fire, Give me that which I desire

First a plug for the ECS pregame fest at Fuel/McCoys, and even more fun is that they are hosting an MLS All Star game viewing party at the Atlantic Crossing next week. Go to at least one of these events. If not both.

Give me Fire. I have been looking forward to this match more than any other this season. But I was looking at it for the wrong reasons. I wanted to see the American player that convinced me that this game was special, and that we were top notch. I wanted to see Brian McBride. You see, I have a tertiary connection to the Billikin, and it was McBride that had me listening to Columbus Crew radio in the 90s. It was Brian who had me follow Fulham. Sadly Brian will be out, he's hurt. Which if you have followed his career isn't a surprise. The only surprise is that it isn't a broken orbital this time.

Also out for the Fire will be Bakary Soumare (Arabs represen' - seriously, love that he has a banner of support in Arabic at Toyota Park) due to Yellow Card accumulation. Marco Pappa has a knee injury and may not play.

Lastly they are also without defensive mid Logan Pause, due to his Gold Cup selection.

We will review of Seattle's losses later, but currently my desire for three points is strong. This match is fairly important. Not 'must win' but important in any attempt for a triple this year. Sounders need 8 wins in their last 13 to have a solid shot at the Supporters Shield, which by the way will be awarded in Seattle on Saturday 21 November at the Supporters Summit. Which the Alliance Council and local Supporters Groups have started planning. As all things MLS and Seattle it will be bigger and better than any other in history.

Oh, and I have a page at

Upcoming will be a tactical analysis of the match, of course. Pre-game this week is TBA, as always, in the 214 for the match where we STAND

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