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Making the All Star Game better

Many MLS fans decry the All Star Game. They aren't used to it. Unlike the Playoffs, this is something without a parallel in world football. This is purely an Americanization.

Frankly I like it.

The voting is proper. No matter how much fans stuff the ballot the First XI are basically the top 11 players in a 3-5-2. The additions of 5 from the Head Coach and 2 from the Commissioner help.

But then, every year things get absurd.

Last year there were 10 players added on due to injury/international duty/club tournaments. Two years ago the totals selected were 32 rather than 28.

If MLS is serious about a roster of 24 and an active 18, do that for the All Star Game. Keep the First XI voting the same, but have the coach select seven and the league add seven more. Then the coach picks from those actually available that day for his 18.

That's what they do every week, and frankly it makes sense to copy that for this match.

I'm glad that MLS doesn't do the MLB thing with a man from each club (I may make an exception for the city hosting the game). I'm glad that MLS doesn't do the NFL thing and change the rules.

But we should know at the beginning of the season that there will be 24 All Stars and that's it. The 24 that are best to this point in the season.

3 Keepers
7 Defenders
8 Midfielders
6 Forwards

Every year.

Frankly next week on the 20th Montero will be on the squad and so should at least one of Jaqua, Hurtado and Alonso. Especially with the typical inflation that occurs in these things. Oh and Tim Howard, welcome to club play in the USA. Its better than you think it is.

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