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Please the fans, or the players?

Duane threw up a great post yesterday, that is getting a bit lost in the noise of Beckham and the upcoming weekend. It also, got a bit turned on its ear when the news came out that Fulham hasn't actually talked to anyone yet.

But it still deserves comment, because until MLS isn't a feeder league the question will always come up

Should a team making a run at 3 trophies, or two, or one, ever let a vital player go out on transfer during the MLS season?

Would a team in League One or the Championship making a run at the FA Cup and Promotion ship their best offensive talent off?

Is winning a trophy or two or three make up for possibly losing a clubhouse, and diminishing the chances at a future signing of a simiilar player worth it?

In this specific case the ideal would be for Sounders to agree with Depo Cali to transfer Fredy up to Fulham with Fulham loaning back to Seattle for the remainder of the season, but ideals rarely occur. I actually think that for MLS and Sounders to continue to approve that a club in the hunt for silverware should NOT transfer out, but other teams should. Especially in Seattle's case where Adrian Hanauer will face a vote of confidence in two years. How happy would fans be knowing that they gave up silverware in order for the team and a player to profit?

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