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The Designated Player - MLS needs more

Not just because stars sell (see the 80s/90s for NBA, 90s for MLB), not just to improve overall quality, but the fact is that there are Europeans that want to player soccer in America, to live here. To enjoy the USA, but not quite enough to take massive paycuts, only small ones.

I'm not crazy. Ljungberg confirmed today.

I think what they’re trying to do is make it more appealing for the big players to come and build interest and get the game going. For me, when Beckham came it showed that M.L.S. is serious about to building properly with good players. I think they are sincere in what they were doing but they need to be doing it more in the coming years. People from back home are calling loads of time, asking how it is and about the prospects of playing here. Yes, they have this designated player thing, but one of the things I can’t understand is why all the teams don’t have one.

Of course, I can’t speak for those teams, but here in Seattle it has worked really, really well. But at the end of the day it is up to the owners and what they want to do. I know it is a way different system than in Europe because here the league owns everything.

Added emphasis is my own.

The good news is that during the All-Star Game lead-up the Board of Governors met and discussed the DP and how to get more of them. There are many ways that they could reduces the risks, and honestly, any of them would be good for the league.

Any that reduce the financial hit for the Sounders are good for Sounders, and if they get crazy and either add another slot, or just encourage teams unwilling to have them to deal them that's better for the league "haves" as well.

The DP is part of what makes this MLS 3.0, and the future is only getting better.

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