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Drawing a Card v Simulating

For your viewing pleasure, a comparison of almost the exact same play.

Landon Donovan draws the Caution against Tyrone Marshall, getting him sent off the pitch.

Freddie Ljungberg gets called for Simulation and receives a Caution, almost immediately getting a second Caution for Dissent.

I see slight hip checks by defenders in each case. I see amplification of contact in order to draw the center referees eyes in both cases. What isn't in the highlights is that Freddie was in the face of the referee the whole night and Landon was not.

Landon has been praised on the 'net for his veteran play. I want to know why what he did was good and what Ljungberg did was wrong.

If the answer is that Sounders FC is new to the game and we are arrogant fans, so be it.

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