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Glimmer of Hope - Road Performance

Seattle's Record on the Road has some peculiarities to it. If they hold, than things could fair quite well. If they don't, then Seattle misses the MLS Cup Playoffs.

You see Seattle actually has performed better on the Road v Eastern Conference teams (small sample size) than the West.

Seattle @ East currently sits at 1.67 ppm
Seattle @ West currently sits at 0.75 ppm

With four matches remaining on the road in Central and Eastern time zones the Sounders have to do what Seattle teams don't usually do. Win in those time zones.

One thing they are doing is taking advantage of the charter exception that MLS has (2 trips a year) and using it during one of these away trips. Considering that the West is actually better than the East this year this is an opportunity.

Not a great one.

The next three match trip is DC (pacing for 44 and the 8th seed), New England (pacing for 47 and the 2nd East seed) and C-bus (pacing for 53 and the Shield) it is a daunting task. All three teams are better at home than the Sounders are at home. Nestled within those matches is Chivas USA (pacing for 47 and 2nd in West) here at Qwest.

But again, there is hope and the mystical reason we watch the games.

The hope is that Sounders are actually an above average road team right now, particularly against the East. The mystical reason we watch the games is because sometimes a San Jose blows out a Seattle - ANYTHING can happen on any match day in this league.

and here's a teaser for tomorrow morning - Remember when Seattle implemented the Interchange? Well something odd happened since that tactically sound move.

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