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Onalfo Fired, Sounders Player Ratings and CBA negotiations

KC canned Onalfo for being basically an average coach in the league for 2.5 years. Average used to a get a club a decent seed in the playoffs, now it barely makes it in them. But if Onalfo isn't good enough for KC, what are Osario and Hyndman doing?

I had the "pleasure" of doing the Player Ratings at Prost Amerika. Please read them and provide feedback.

Players should be able to choose where they sign. I believe this is known as the Flood Decision in baseball. Since MLS is a single entity system though, currently players don't have that right. Even without a bump in the cap, even without guaranteed contracts (the death of MLB and NBA), even without rights to their own transfer cash an MLS player should be free to sign with the team of their and the team's choosing.

In fact if I were the players I would rank the issues as follows

1-Free Agency
3-Minimum Salaries
4-Transfer Rights
5-Significant bump in cap

Yes this would in effect end the allocation ranking system for former members of the league and the USMNT (why not the CMNT too?). But, if Freddy Adu wants to come back, shouldn't he get to choose between competitive offers put forward rather than be told where he can sign? Plus this would end the backroom deals that get done. Transparency is key, let everyone, fans, players, agents, general managers, media know exactly what the rules are, make them simple, fair and LEGAL both in letter and spirit of the law.

MatchFitUSA points out the likely owners response, but the key is for players to not want to break the single-entity structure, because the players know the problems that could exist with a no-cap league.

Sounders barely in the Playoffs (42 points) by one measure, still comfortable by another. Notable is that the Sounders Pythag still has them as the 2nd best MLS side, also notable is that don't mean a thing if it is built on solid wins at home and a lack of points on the road. Most disappointing is that Seattle no longer controls its destiny in the run for the Supporters Shield.

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