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Platini to implement the softest of caps

Well, it looks like tomorrow a new era in European Football will start. One where revenue will determine what kind of players can be signed, NOT reputation, nor Arab monies.

I'm betting that al-Fahim is thrilled to be getting in on Portsmouth just in time to find out that an actual business plan is necessary.

What is described though is really the softest of caps. Teams will be able to get bank backed loans rather than gifts from real estate developers, media moguls and oil magnates (be they Russian or Arab). While this will loosen a few players from the grips of the G-14 and their upstart competitors. It won't likely trickle down to the MLS level.

The rule changes also won't help the Leeds Uniteds of the world climb back to their fame. Because the clubs that fall lose so much revenue that they won't be able to sign their way to the top. They will have to do it from within, from training and development.

In the end very little will change. The top clubs won't be quite as dominant with the middle tier getting a slightly stronger chance, but the minnows will still be the minnows. Controlling debt is always a good thing, until you get into accounting like caused the recent credit crunch, so in the end all clubs will be stronger financial investments, but the effect on the pitch will be minimal.

That's probably why the players on the rich clubs both will agree.

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