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Plus/Minus is really just a minus update

After tonight's match I updated Plus/Minus quickly, because it shows us a few things about who has been effective both ways, and who has not. Tonight, there was a lot of NOT to update.

Productivity will be updated the next time a player for the Sounders scores a goal in the Sounders favor.

Which reminds me, I decided early in the season that the only player to be deducted on own goals is the player that got the own goal. This is still the case.

The damage follows


Let's look at Left Back
Scott +5
Sturgis +3
Wahl +1
Sure Leo's likely got the spot, but the hopefully Scott is the new bench full back.

Wide midfielders/Wingers
Ljungberg +7
Le Toux +5
Zakuani +1
Nyassi +1

Montero +8
Jaqua +8
Le Toux +5

Possible Right Backs not named James Riley
Evans +6
Sturgis +3
Ianni +0

All of this leads me to one conclusion, next week the 4-1-3-2 should include Brad Evans, Leo Gonzalez, Sebastien Le Toux and Freddie Ljungberg. Really my only question is whether Zakuani or Nyassi start.

From Right to Left
Evans - Hurtado - Marshall - Leo
LeToux-Alonso - Ljungberg- Zakuani/Nyassi
Montero - Jaqua

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