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Statistics Update and FAQ

FAQ will be listed first for Plus/Minus

1 - Why don't you do this for the other teams?
Because I don't really have time. I didn't think it would this tough, but I update a spreadsheet and then the tables. I really wish I could have the full League, Open Cup, Voyageurs Cup, SuperLiga and Champions League stats, but for now I just stick to the Sounders in MLS play.

2 - What is the correlation between stat X and winning?
I don't know. The lack of complete data makes that an impossible question to answer. Ideally we will get there.

3 - What is Plus/Minus?
It is the Goal Differential of the team when the player is on the pitch. Except for Own Goals, which are only credited to the player with the Own Goal, not the entire team.

4 - Why do you list outfield players with Clean Sheets?
Because it is a team game. No Keeper can get a Clean Sheet without the help of the team. I don't use Shutouts because I like the phrase Clean Sheet better.

5 - Is the table sortable?
Yes just click on the top of the row that you wish to use to sort.

6 - So guys who have played all or almost all matches have a plus/minus near our Goal differential. How is that stat of use?
Oddly enough the correlation between Plus/Minus and appearences/starts is pretty low once you drop the keepers from the equation. I really should list those guys seperately, but your eyes can do it.

But when thinking about mixing/matching lineups particularly in places like LB or RM/RW it can be useful to compare players' effectiveness. Also there are six outfield players with a plus/minus greater than the team GD, also it helps to judge the likely impact of a player missing time.


FAQ for Productivity

1 - How do you arrive at Points?
I use the college system which gives two points for a goal and one for an assist. This provides greater value for the goal scorer, but recognizes that assist men have value in the game. I use the official MLS stats, and so there can be two assists awarded per goal.

2 - How do you arrive at Productivity?
It is quite basically Points Per 90. Points/Minutes*90

3 - How does Montero compare to the league?
Currently (as of Aug 10) he is 5th behind Cunningham, Casey, Donovan and Scheletto.


If you have any other questions please ask. I'm going to try and update this over time.

After this week's matches Sounders are PACING for the 8th playoff spot based on Home and Away performance of all teams to date. Five from the West at this time. That would likely be because the West is better than the East, not just because the West has two bottom dwellers v. one in East. West has earned 1.39 points v East (average would be 1.33) with a +16 Goal Differential.

West - Houston 52, LA 46, Chivas 45, Colorado 44, Seattle 42
East - Columbus 52, Chicago 48, DC 44
Just missing (within 3 points) are New England 40, Toronto 40 and RSL at 39

% Chance of Playoffs has a large downward shift over the last few weeks and is now at 68.2% and a mere 2% chance at the Supporters Shield (needing 7+ wins in 10 to get a shot at that).

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