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Sven Goren Erickson wants Ljungberg

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Well, it looks like the Notts County plan for success is to overpay for as many former stars as possible. Qatari money will help you do that.

To include one Freddie Ljungberg.

Former Inter Milan striker Vieri, 36, and Arsenal legend Ljungberg, 32, could be tempted by one last lucrative payday to help County get out of League Two.

Swedish star Ljungberg is playing in the American MSL [MLS]for Seattle Sounders.

Also of interest is Kanu.

The headline says that he is offering our Freddie a "lucrative" deal. Really? To play League Two Football for a team that BARELY stayed up? If this is the kind of offer that Ljungberg is seeing there's no wonder what-so-ever that he's staying here in Seattle.

A move to Notts would be bad for Ljungberg and worse for Major League Soccer.