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Guesting on a few podcasts

I had today off as I prep for a wedding at a Brewery/Distillery on Saturday. Often times when I get a weekday off I try to get an interview with a Sounder, but today they are flying.

I did a little proselytizing to an EPL fan that doesn't like the "americanization" of the sport. My comments on that post, not the entire post.

But then word got out to the pod cast community that I wasn't working today.

If you are new to MLS, you may have some questions about the MLS Cup Playoffs as Jason A Churchill at Prospect had.

Most of my readers might be more into Steve Clare (Prost Amerika) and I's preview of the weekend's matchups, which appear in two parts.

Part One

Part Two

Sunday I talked a tiny bit about the Supporters Summit and the Sounders with MatchFitUSA as part of their episode 30. I'm just one segment of that whole show, about 20 minutes in IIRC.

Lastly Sounders FC fans, Dick Fain will again be talking the Rave Green a bit on Saturday. At this time I'm booked for 1:05PM. KJR might not have the "official" tag from the Sounders, but they are certainly talking more about the sport than their competition.

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