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Week 25 results matter for Sounders

MLS has a small slate of matches due to most teams wanting the weekend off so they can watch the US Men beat on El Salvador. There are also an important slate of Qualifiers in Europe.

But in MLS, four of the six teams playing are competing with Seattle for the four Wild Card slots. These results matter.

The "pacing standings" are clear. Pacing Standings are built by using past performance Home and Away as a rough indicator of finish at the end of the season

Seattle is on the outside (9th) looking in and needs help.

C-bus (53) v DC (44)
NE (47) v Chicago (45)

Houston (49) v Colorado (45)
Chivas (47) v LA (46)

The results this weekend can tweak things a bit. A New England loss can drop them to a 44 pt pace. Sounders fans have to hope that history is the indicator as KC is stronger historically, not much hope, but its what we've got. Gillette provides no home-field, and their will probably be NFL lines. Honestly I wouldn't watch this one.

Sounders Open Cup victims go to Dallas. Which at first looks like an easy win, but Dallas has 3 of their 6 wins against the East. They are also the 10th best home team (1.64 ppm) v the 8th best road team (0.92). FC Dallas has actually had a small spark since selling Cooper to Bundes-2. United though lost one of their key Defenders, and they still have a crazy man in goal.

Lastly Toronto (41 pace) sits in striking distance of Seattle so while most would be hoping for the draw in this one, it may actually be better that the Reds get finished off by the Rapids. Colorado is potent at home. While it won't help Seattle in its attempts to climb the ladder, it will prevent TFC from poaching them from behind. This is on Fox Soccer Channel (Rogers SportsNet in Canada) Saturday, it is worth watching. Toronto has an engaging midfield and play attacking soccer. Colorado loses Conor Casey to international play and Maestroni for a suspension. They also just added Drew Moor from FC Dallas. Watch this match. It is Our League.

Other notes

Stop Panicking - Ljungberg isn't going anywhere long term. Remember that either team could have had him just months ago, and didn't offer. He still isn't fully fit and he's got potential to win four trophies next season, in a city that is crazy about the team, and yet gives him privacy.

There's an odd loophole in the roster rules. Later this week a post on how Sounders FC should take advantage of it in order to increase their Open Cup and Champions League depth.

Trivia question (if the winner sees me in the 214 free coffee for you) - Which set of three teams makes more money from Kit Sponsorships?
A - Aston Villa, Everton, Fulham
B - Sounders, Galaxy, DC United

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