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Season Ticket Poll: Are You Renewing? Adding? Dropping?

So I've been swapping emails with Seattle Soccer Examiner's David Falk, aka Mr. Goal Seattle, with our thoughts on season ticket prices. And we've discovered something cool: We can cross-link polls! Anything he posts on his site, I can post on my site and vice versa.

And since we both aced kindergarten and that whole sharing thing, here's the poll from his post on season ticket prices. Which you need to stop by and read.

This is win-win for me, because I can pretend I've actually put some work into a post even as I'm secretly slipping away to watch France play Austria in a completely pointless World Cup qualifier. (France is out of the running for first place in the group and has already qualified for second. The only thing this game will be is a test of how much of the heart the team has shown in the past couple of games is an illusion.) in the poll. Stop by David's post. And come back later, when I may or may not have come up with something original.

On a much more serious note, thoughts and prayers to USMNT and Sochaux player Charlie Davies, who was very seriously injured in a car accident which killed one of his friends. Charlie suffered both a broken tibia and a broken fibula (shin and thighbone, respectively) among other injuries, and will be out rehabbing for six months to a year.

This breaks my heart on so many levels, but especially because he has had so much potential. This summer at the Confederations Cup I was seeing him as the future of the USMNT. (And the fact that he chose a Ligue 1 club to ply his trade at didn't hurt him in my eyes either.)

The good news is, he's young and strong. So here's hoping for a speedy recovery and return to the game. Best wishes, Charlie! We're with you.

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