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Prost Amerika's Argument for Picking Playoff Opponents, and More Rave Green Links

green links 2 (What do you mean, what is the photo? It's obviously the Rave Green Links of a bicycle chain. You mean you don't have one?)

For the past two or three weeks I've been seeing great stuff from Seattle news sites and blogs and thinking, "Oh, that deserves a link." Today I'm finally getting around to it. Here are some posts that have made me smile. Or think. Or both.

  • First, one I've been meaning to link to for a couple of weeks because the thought is both unique and entertaining. Awhile back Steve over at Prost Amerika wrote on an interesting option that's been picked up by rugby: allowing the top seed to pick a playoff opponent. He recently did an interview with Fox Soccer Report on why this would be good for MLS. What do you think?
  • inconceivable-1

  • No Portland in 2011? Inconceivable! Because they have to be in the league! Everybody says so! It's part of our plan for total Northwest domination! But those who are following closely know that it's not yet a done deal. Seattle Soccer Examiner has the story.
  • Who would dare call the German "Sigi Smalls?" Read the thoroughly entertaining transcript of the Q&A session with Sigi Schmid over at the Times and find out. Not a lot of new info, but he does imply that he wants to stick around awhile. And this would be a good thing.
  • The first and most important GoSounders link: Mike is getting married! Everybody stop by and send him and his bride-to-be some Rave Green good wishes.

    (Regarding the rest of the post, though? I must be honest here, Mike. When I went abroad, I planned it so I'd miss only one game. And an away one at that. I'm just sayin'.)

    Also, for those who have come to love our Bullet Point Deities as much as I have (despite the fact that the seem to take weekdays off), here is our Weekend Rooting Guide, which Mike was kind enough to give us before he got distracted by the nuptial thing.

    Oh, and last but not least, we have the GoSounders guide to what needs to happen this week for Sounders to make the playoffs.

  • And Soccer Insider Don Ruiz talks about a milestone that could happen this week should Sounder (knock wood, etc. etc.) manage a win in KC: Sigi Schmid would tie Bob Bradley for most coaching wins.
  • And last but not least, Dave Clark over at Sounder at Heart has run an interesting couple of articles about the turmoil in USL and how it relates to the overall soccer picture in the United States: Academies, Reserves, and an Integrated Soccer System. Great read for those who want to imagine something a little better-coordinated in our future.

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