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Oh, Yeah, We're Playing KC Tonight

Oh, that's right. We're playing KC in about half an hour.

My stomach hurts.

This game could be everything. Three points and we're in the playoffs.

But it's not a sure thing. KC may be out of the playoff picture themselves, but they can still play spoiler for us. And after the infamous US Open Cup showdown, where former KC coach Kurt Onalfo infamously called Montero a "punk" for getting taken down late in the game for the game-winning penalty... Well, you know they're going to try.

Complicating matters is the very narrow field at Community America Ballpark. (Keep in mind that this is actually a baseball stadium they're playing in.) Remember the last very narrow field the guys played on? San Jose?

Yeah, I know. I've blocked it from my memory too.

On the plus side, Starfire isn't exactly wide, and the guys did more than okay there this year. And Freddie and James Riley appear to be well enough to play after injury scares earlier in the week.

And that's all I have to say about the game.

(Except that my stomach hurts.)

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