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My Favorite Moment from Last Night's Game

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zakuani playoff joy

I'll be back later with my Utterly Unofficial Awards for KC-Seattle. But for now I just wanted to share a screenshot of my favorite moment from the MLSnet broadcast.

Ninety-third minute, five seconds left in the "minimum of three minutes" of stoppage. Kasey Keller's just gotten a goal kick, and he's taking his time. And Steve Zakuani is anticipating a trip to the playoffs in his rookie season. (If you want to watch, and you should, it's at the 1 hr 51 min mark in the vid at MLSnet.)

Stevie Z, your completely unjaded and unadulterated joy (he was literally bouncing up and down -- it was the cutest thing ever) makes me proud to be a Sounders fan. Even as it gives me a mild, happy ache in my maternal area.