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Vote for Nate, and other Rave Green Randoms

First thing: It is your job to go and vote for Nate Jaqua, who is again up for Goal of the Week. You know. For the goal that put us in the playoffs.

So go. Now. Vote. Then come back here.

Not to lessen Nate's accomplishment in any way (I'm really happy for you, Nate, and I'ma let you finish, but...) does anybody else wish Roger's goal was there? I think the problem is that Roger makes everything look so easy. He doesn't overanalyze, he doesn't overreact, he doesn't try to make it dramatic, he just makes a quick calculation and calmly puts the ball in the net. I wonder if this is what happens when you play at the highest level of a lower league and just get used to scoring? Is this kind of calm, clinical finishing eventually going to come to our other goalscorers? Please?

On an entirely different topic, over on the Goal Seattle boards CarlosT has come up with the Best US Soccer Stat Ever: UMYTP*. (And for the record, it's like golf: lowest score is best.)


New Stat: UMYTP*

Beckham: 3
Ljungberg: 1

*Underwear Model Years to Playoffs

Oh, and Ljungberg also just happens to be this week's Player of the Week. Because see? It is just as I thought: Freddie is made of win.

(Oh, what?!? You didn't imagine I could write a post like this without including that photo, did you? How much self-control do you think I have, anyway?)

And last but not least, for anybody wanting to email "Get well soon" wishes to injured USMNT player Charlie Davies, the address is: CharlieDavies9[at]

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