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Rave Green Odds and Ends

I'm having a hard time getting focused on the Dallas game. Which is probably okay, given that I had a hard time focusing before Columbus and KC and those worked just fine. So to kill the time while I'm not thinking about Dallas, here's a bit of fun and a few links:

  • First off, something entirely not Sounders related. If you have time and brain cells to kill (and truly, who doesn't?), and if you're not offended by the occasional cleavage shot or four-letter word, you may want to stop by our newest just-for-fun project, Water Cooler Offside. It's kind of a "what goes on behind the scenes at The Offside." Eventually you'll see me wholeheartedly (but not always successfully) defending MLS against Eurosnobbery. But for now it's prett much Cristiano Ronaldo and cleavage.
  • Next, some good news for any fans of the idea of an independent Sounders/soccer radio show. From Steve over at Prost Amerika Soccer:

    We got some news from the radio station yesterday. They like the show and it has got the green light to continue. So I wanted to thank all of you who've been tuning in so far for your support, and the webmaster here for allowing us this thread. They even added us to the page of all their other shows.

    And yes, the radio show/podcast from Steve Clare and Libby Denkmann will continue after the MLS season. (Is this kind of like methadone for addicts going through withdrawals?) To go straight to the site of the most recent show, click here.

  • We complain, the ticket office listens. If you're a season ticket holder, be sure to check your email. You should now have the link to click to buy extra playoff tickets. If you don't, call the Sounders FC people: 877-MLS-GOAL.
  • And if, like me, you've been a fan of insightful comments around the blogosphere from "CarlosT," good news: Now there are double the reasons to visit Sounder At Heart. Dave Clark and Carlos are joining forces.
  • And last but... Want do see something really fun? Taylor Graham takes you on a tour of Starfire. (And as some eagle-eyed reader pointed out on the Goal Seattle boards, yes, that IS a giraffe costume in Roger's locker. Apparently he's going as Nate Jaqua?)
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