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Life is Really, Really Good

The only thing that would make this weekend better will be if Houston and Chivas tie tomorrow, leaving us #2 in the West. (LA did not read the script and beat San Jose, meaning we can't win. But at worst we'll be third.)

What an amazing night, though. I'm still processing, but the one thing that needs to be said is that our guys wanted this really, really badly and they battled their guts out till the end. My husband's not even a footy fan and even he was impressed.

(Also, I'm thinking that if we'd lost 1-0, the Fan Appreciation Ceremony would have kind of sucked, so it's good we won.)

I'm also thinking that after two beers it becomes really, really fun to cheer on your newest, bestest friend (a female PE teacher from Oregon who for the record is NOT a Ducks fan) as she makes paper airplanes out of the #9 Charlie Davies signs and throws them onto the field. (POST-game. Whilst waiting for the fan appreciation thing.)

And finally, I'm thinking that I have experienced reason #5279 that I am married to the best guy in the world:


Spouse, after Fan Appreciation thing: Is it okay to leave now?

Me: Waitwaitwait! Tyrone Marshall is leaving the field shirtless!

(We wait in reverent silence till Tyrone enters the tunnel.)

Me: Okay, we can go now.

Him: Wait. What about Ljungberg?

Me: Meh. He's wearing Under Armour. We're Good.


Well done to the Sounders for an amazing inaugural regular season. And well done for fighting back from going down two weeks in a row. And well done for looking like a team that can make something happen in the post-season.

Life is good. Go Sounders!

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