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The Playoff Picture, Vote for Brad and/or Nate, and other Rave Green Random Thoughts


  • First item of business: We finished third in the West, which makes our home game this Thursday. I'm hearing an ESPN kickoff time of 7-ish. (I've also heard 6:30.) If you thought you had plans elsewhere that night, change them. Now.
    UPDATE: GoSounders tells us that the times are now official:
  • Houston Dynamo at Seattle Sounders FC | Thursday, Oct. 29: 7p PT (ESPN2)
    Seattle Sounders FC at Houston Dynamo | Sunday, Nov. 8: 12p PT

  • Second item: I woke up with a sore throat this morning. I swear, even if I have swine flu I am still going to the game. Just consider me the Typhoid Laurie of MLS. (Do they make those germ masks in Rave Green? Preferably printed with a Sounders logo? Because I would absolutely wear one. C'mon, Sounders marketing people, this is a business opportunity!)
    • Third: Both Brad's and Nate's goals are up for Goal of the Week. So go! Vote! Now! (And no, alas, you can't vote for Fredy's assist on the Jaqua goal. Although I think you should be able to.)
    • Fourth, for a fun recap of the weekend's events across MLs, read this minute-by-minute account by Kyle McCarthy, including these little nuggets:

    12:10: Oh. My. Word. Did Montero just have his face taken off by David Ferreira's cleat?

    12:11: Further inspection shows that Montero slid in needlessly from behind, committed a foul and then writhed on the ground in order to simulate apparent contact by Ferreira's cleat. Yellow card for simulation not forthcoming, however.

    12:12: When I discussed Montero's flaws earlier, did I mention his dreadful playacting?

    Hmmm... I have an idea. If we can do "Goal of the Week," why not "Dive of the Week? Seems like an automatic posthumous yellow for the "winner" would curtail the behavior pretty quickly...

  • Fifth, I'm still annoyed by the complete lack of TV recognition of the Charlie Davies tribute. Guys, did it not even occur to you that your viewers might kind of wonder about the 30,000 No. 9s (and 500 or so drunken 6's) showing up on the screen? A lot of people put a lot of work into this, and it deserved a full TV screen shot and a mention.
  • And last but not least, for anybody who watched on TV and didn't get to see the banner, here ya go. (Thanks for the find, Kristi! You always make my Monday postings easier!)

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