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"Light Rain," Male Bonding, Ricardo Salazar and Other Rave Green Thoughts That Kept Me Awake Last Night

insomnia The early morning thoughts of a sleepless fan on a pregame night:

So why did I print my playoff tickets out as soon as I had the option? If I'd waited, Sigi and Kasey would have personally called my house to remind me. Well, okay, robo-called. But still...

Checked the hourly forecast. Light rain, light rain, light rain... And then at 10 p.m., showers. Good thing ESPN scheduled the game early. Except...wait. Am I sure that "light rain" is less than "showers"? Would I know this if I'd grown up here? Do they teach the rain spectrum in Washington schools? How far are "showers" on the road between "misty drizzle" and "thunderous downpour"? I am so confused.

Wonder how Houston will deal with the light rain. Or showers. And speaking of Houston, have Landin and Chingy figured out the bonding thing? They're taking a long time to click. Maybe they should go camping. Well, AFTER the playoffs. Obviously.

Glad OUR forwards are bonding. Freddie's peaking at just the right time, and he plays so much better up top. Fredy needs a home goal. He also needs to lay off the diving, especially with Salazar reffing. Hands AWAY from the face, Fredy! Don't touch the face! Maybe he should douse his hands in Beckham's "Instinct for Men" as a reminder.

Wow. That would be a GREAT way to get more space to maneuver. Maybe all our attacking players should do that. Wonder if I could get a message to Sigi.

Glad Salazar's reffing, though. Love Ricardo Salazar. He's definitely my second-favorite referee, right behind Alex Prus. Wait, did I say second-favorite? I meant FAVORITE, Ricardo! Absolutely my favorite! NOBODY signals advantage quite like you! And your whistling technique? Second to none. No, really. I mean that.

Wow. It's really raining. Or showering. Or...

Crap. These guys better win.

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