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The Highlight Video, and Some Things You May Want to Pay Attention To

Highlight video, with some things you may want to look at:

1:00 -- Damn, we got lucky here.

1:22 -- ditto, but I think Keller would have had it covered if it had been on target.

1:34 -- this is the first time Onstand shoved Montero. (Note that Montero does NOT go down.) It takes place about a minute-and-a-half before The Other Incident. Also, is Onstad's preoccupation with Montero one of the reasons that Mullan is the one who ends up having to clear Ianni's header off the line? (Hmmm... Wondering if Fredy can get under Onstad's skin again next Sunday?)

1:50 -- The Other Incident, which has been discussed to death here and elsewhere. (The TV replay -- not shown in the highlights -- also shows that nobody came near Onstad's face.)

2:02 -- the best replay angle, which shows that Onstad simply and completely lost it. And that Fredy did NOT deserve yellow. (I was really amused by the fact that Fredy seems at first to reach for his face but thinks better of it. I like to think he took my idea of dousing his hands in Beckham's cologne as a reminder.) I really do think the kid is trying.

2:15, 2:56, 3:08, 3:17, 4:02, I love Kasey Keller

2:30 -- time for everybody to curse the Crossbar Challenge. I'm also really impressed by Ianni's ability to do what hardly anyone else has done this year, and that's head balls toward goal on set pieces.

3:27 -- Montero's biggest miss of the night. I may be wrong, but it looks to me like if Montero had directed it on target, Onstad would have had it covered. (Probably? He's so far off his line it's hard to tell, but I think he would have tapped it wide.) Gorgeous setup, though.

4:08 -- I haven't had nearly enough opportunity to say this during the season, but a very pretty goalbound header by Jaqua off a corner. A lesser goalkeeper might have allowed that one in.

4:28 -- This is the foul on Ljungberg that resulted in Jaqua's "goal" being disallowed. The foul occurs after Ljungberg has already chipped the ball toward Jaqua. Whistle sounds at 4:30, as the ball is in the air about twenty yards downfield and on a downward trajectory directly toward Jaqua's feet. No telling whether Jaqua would have scored if there hadn't been a whistle, but this foul should never have been called.

5:15 -- from my seat, this really looked like it went in. Sigh.

And that was the game. A lot of opportunities.

If you need cheering up after watching that, you might enjoy this video of another goalkeeper-striker dustup. It's Chelsea's Didier Drogba going at it with former Arsenal keeper "Mad Jens" Lehmann. One of my favorite sports moments ever.

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