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Columbus 0-1 Seattle (OR: Three Points. WHEW!!!)

Conversation between my husband and me, which took place somewhere in the first half:

Spouse: What are you doing?
Me: I'm organizing the pantry.
Spouse: Wow. You REALLY don't want to see the game, do you?

As with the LA game, once it started I just could not watch. What's funny is that it was the right choice. My heart could not have withstood the penalty kick.

And now my kitchen is really clean and we have the win.

Now that I've seen the whole game, I'm thinking that with away games it's a requirement that I not watch. I couldn't watch LA and we won. I watched NE and we lost. And now I couldn't watch this one and we won.

I think I'll figure out something else to do during KC as I DVR the game.

More later, but now that I've seen the match I'm thinking that we had a relatively decent first half and a mediocre second half which we somehow survived. Our defense was amazing, our offense adequate. That describes many of our games, but this one we actually won.

Also, I adore Tyrone Marshall. Have I said that recently? Also, how fitting is it that Roger Levesque, our very own Roger Levesque, is the one to get the goal that gets the unexpected win that could make the difference in our playoff quest?

Also: We got three points against Columbus. Has that sunk in for anybody else yet?

For the record, here's the flight information for their return.

I'll probably be sleeping, but feel free to send me photos.

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