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I Did It. I Bought My Playoff Tickets. All of Them.

I did it. I managed to fight back every single supersition I possess and bought my playoff tickets. And not just one, either. I bought the lot.

This did make me nervous, though, given that I am firmly in the "don't count your chickens" camp. I hope I didn't jinx them.

(Because we all know it's all about me.)

(I think I need a Xanax, preferably with a Valium chaser.**)

Oh, and speaking of superstitions, thanks so much. With a few much appreciated exceptions (I love you, Johonna, and I'll give you your five bucks later) I am here revealing my deepest, darkest secrets on the assumption that you would do the same. But no.

Fine. Now I see how it is. You're like those friends who say, "Yes, of course it's a costume party! Your Snow White dominatrix costume will be perfect! And your mother-in-law will be miles away!"

See if I ever tell you anything again.

**Note to my family: I am kidding about the Xanax and Valium. That you know of.

Note to everyone else: Hey! I'm throwing a costume party the first night of the playoffs and I really want you to come! ESPN will be there, and your Snow White dominatrix costume would be perfect. And I'm pretty sure your mother-in-law doesn't even like soccer.

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